Grocery stores are experiencing major hoarding of some supplies due to the Coronavirus. As soon as items get stocked they are bought off the shelf with delivery trucks completely off schedule.

Fresh Fruit Delights

Discover a variety of fresh fruits at 123 水果店. From exotic imports to local favorites, we have something for everyone!

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Fresh Fruit Delivery

Get a variety of fresh fruits delivered to your doorstep. Enjoy the convenience of healthy snacking!

Blackberry Basket

Fruit Carving Workshops

Learn the art of fruit carving in our interactive workshops. Create stunning edible masterpieces with guidance from our experts!

If you decide to use this photo for a cool project, do let me know :) I would love to see it in action. Thanks!

Anyway these are my favorite grapes to eat ;)

Fruit Platter Catering

Impress your guests with beautifully arranged fruit platters for events and gatherings. A colorful and delicious addition to any occasion!

Freshness delivered daily, straight to your doorstep!

Taste the difference today!

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