I was randomly shooting the sunset when a family decided to walk back from the sea to the beach, I was just perfectly aligned with them and the golden hour sun. Captured the cute moment where the mother and father were holding hands. They noticed me afterwards and they asked if I had an instagram so they could see my work. We had a little chat and I showed the fresh photo directly on my camera screen, they were really happy with it !
I love the tones and how the backlight enhances group.

Connecting Generations Through Learning

Welcome to 50歳差親子! We are a services business dedicated to supporting families with age-gap parenting, learning, English education, and book recommendations. Join us on this exciting journey of growth and connection.

Our Services

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Book Recommendations

Curated book recommendations for both parents and children, covering various genres and topics.

Educational Resources (yet to be done)

Access to a wide range of educational materials and resources for children of different ages and abilities.
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Community Events (yet to be done)

Opportunities to connect with other families and participate in community events focused on age gap parenting and education.

Empowering families to learn, grow, and thrive together.

Unlock your potential and create lasting memories!


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