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Connecting Chinese Churches Worldwide

Welcome to ACCCNWW, your trusted partner in empowering and uniting Chinese churches across the globe. Join us in our mission to foster community, provide resources, and promote collaboration among Chinese churches worldwide.

Our Services

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Bible Study

Explore the teachings of the Bible and deepen your understanding of the Christian faith through our interactive and engaging Bible study sessions.
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Community Outreach

Make a positive impact in the community by participating in various outreach initiatives, such as volunteering at local shelters, organizing food drives, and more.
I Find in so amazing the work God does to touch every Man & Women of God, This was taken during SouthWest District Youth Convention: Pulse 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona

Prayer Meetings

Join us in a time of prayer and spiritual connection as we come together to seek God's guidance, support one another, and pray for our community.

Bringing faith and community together

Join us in worship and celebration!

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