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Empowering Communities Through ACEDEH

Join us in making a difference in education, development, environment, and health.

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Education Promotion

We offer smiles to children in remote areas through academic awards, promoting excellency in school and among parents and teachers.
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Health and Wellness Services

We provide a range of health and wellness services, including fitness programs, mental health support, and nutritional guidance to promote a balanced lifestyle.
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Skills Training and Employment Support

Our skills training programs equip individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge for entrepreneurship, career advancement, while also offering employment support services. We assist low class income earners in writing their business plans and in creating their ebusinesses.
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Environmental Conservation

Our team is dedicated to preserving the environment through sustainable practices, offering initiatives and campaigns for a greener and cleaner planet.

Empowering communities through education, development, environment, and health!

Join us in making a difference today!


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