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Making a Difference in Elobeid

Join us in providing humanitarian aid and building stronger communities in Elobeid.

Our Services

Doctor Holding Cell Phone. Cell phones and other kinds of mobile devices and communications technologies are of increasing importance in the delivery of health care. Photographer Daniel Sone

Health Support

1/ Training and qualifying young people in various health fields. 2/ Spreading health awareness and culture among society.
I travel to Haiti several times a year and capture the people, landscape, and beauty this country has to offer. The trip is usually based around a mission trip where I serve at Mission of Hope. I film and capture photos during my travels as well. 
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Education Programs

Working to create an attractive, supportive and motivating school environment for the teacher and student.
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Community Development Projects

Training and qualifying community members in various fields.

Bringing hope. Empowering communities. Transforming lives.

Join us in creating a brighter future for Elobeid !

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