Angle two of Zenith Vineyards outside Salem, Oregon. These vineyards are scattered over several hills outside Salem, Oregon. This area, called the Willamette Valley, is a major producer of wine in the United States. Delicious wine.

Nourishing Crops for Global Growth

Equilibra is a leading services business specializing in fertilizers and bio-stimulants. Our portfolio of products, including seaweed-based bio-stimulants and exclusive Yara products, maximizes crop potential. With a team of experienced agronomists and a commitment to customer growth, Equilibra is your trusted partner in agriculture.

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Fresh bio harvest self support urban gardening


Our bio-stimulants, made from seaweed, amino acids, and fulvic acids, maximize the potential of crops, enhancing their growth and productivity.
Sidedressing nitrogen on 24 rows of corn in one pass.

Liquid Fertilizers

We produce and sell liquid fertilizers from our plant in Paita, Piura, ensuring a consistent and efficient supply for farmers and agro-industries.
sunflower fields

Exclusive Yara Products

As an exclusive distributor of Yara products, including YaraMila Complex, YaraMila Hydran, and YaraTera Calcinit, we provide top-quality fertilizers and solutions for optimal crop nourishment.

Cultivating growth. Nurturing nature. Harvesting success.

Join us in reaping the rewards of sustainable agriculture!


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