Drivers of green energy

Agrivolta pioneers holistic engineering, blending agrivoltaic innovations with construction of rural infraestructures.

We also cultivate rural energy communities, empowering our fellows towards energy independence.

Our Services

Solar panels on a lawn

Renewable Energy

Providing a range of services and contract options, tailored to meet even the most demanding requirements.

This shot makes me thirsty! I love how this shot turned out. I was about 10 meters above the ground with my Mavic Pro. This is a small winery in the mid-Willamette Valley outside Salem, Oregon. This is one of the biggest wine-producing areas in the country and it makes for some wonderful evening drone flights.

Sustainable Land Management

Helping you to responsibly utilize land resources to meet current needs while preserving them for our future generations, balancing ecological health with social and economic considerations.


Rural infraestructure

We specialize in the design and construction of rural infrastructure, ensuring that your land operates in optimal (and happy) conditions.

The future is only green if our land and energy are

That's why we prioritize agrivoltaic solutions, seamlessly integrating solar energy production with agricultural practices. By preserving the vitality of our land, we ensure sustainability for both our agricultural heritage and our energy needs.

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