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Scaling Growth with AIOps

Sarah Woodward built AI Growth Ops to help busy founders supercharge marketing & sales operations using generative AI workflows.

AI Growth Ops Services

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AI Proposal Development: AI Training & Workflow

Stop wasting time on writing proposals.

Get a solid first draft proposal, trained on your solution, frameworks, and approach, and written in your brand, tone, voice, and proposal style. All within minutes, customized to your process.

Timing: 1-2 weeks

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AI RevOps: Insights, Processes & Workflows

Automate sales and marketing workflows that prioritize high-value customer segmentation and capture increased customer lifetime value.

Get better insights from your CRM to find new opportunities to convert prospects, win back churned customers, and cross-sell to existing customers.

Timing: 2-4 weeks

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AI Content Ops: Processes & Workflows

Focus your team's energy on what matters most: Connecting with customers.

From ideation to production and scheduling, take the pain out of your content operations with smart workflows that ease the burden on your team and make the most of every part of your martech stack.

Timing: 2-4 weeks

Empowering founders with AI for unstoppable growth.

Scale processes that get you out of the weeds & focused on building your vision.

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