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Embark on a journey of holidays with Air Travel Lanka and uncover the hidden gems of Sri Lanka. Let us guide you through wild adventures, heritage sites, thrilling escapades, and blissful moments.

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Steep valley sides and moody clouds made this paddle an overwhelming experience. Gudvangen is one of the most beautiful places in Norway!

Thrilling Adventure Sports

Get your adrenaline pumping with thrilling adventure sports activities in Sri Lanka's stunning landscapes.

Shot this at Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka, on summer 2017. These are fishermen’s boats coming back to the shore.

Festive Holiday Celebrations

Experience the vibrant festivals and celebrations unique to Sri Lanka's cultural calendar.

a statue of a person sitting on a bench by a body of water

Luxury Accommodation Getaways

Indulge in blissful retreats and luxurious accommodations amidst the scenic beauty of Sri Lanka.


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