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Welcome to Azur Environnement, your trusted partner in water treatment, research, and more. We specialize in reutilization of wastewater, rainwater recovery, sewage system maintenance, and pump installation and repair. With our expertise and attention to detail, we provide innovative solutions for a sustainable water future.

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Pump Installation and Repair

Our expert technicians can install and repair pumps to ensure proper water flow and distribution.
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Rainwater Recovery

Our rainwater recovery systems help you conserve water and reduce your environmental impact.

placing myself in the 1970s, i can smell the smoke of coal. black clouds fill the air and enter my lungs as police patrol. i am a stranger in their eyes when suddenly the chatahooche river rise...

Tank Installation and Repair

We offer installation and repair services for tanks, allowing you to store water efficiently and safely.

Clean water, clean world.

Join us in preserving the purity of our precious resource!

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