two brown and white dogs running dirt road during daytime

Experience the Power of the PIN!

Welcome to Bad Bell Racing Team, where Miniature Pinscher dogs race the dirt! Meet our riders and the crew that keep their bikes running the fastest! Join us and witness the incredible talent and determination of our furry racers.

Our MinPin Team

Komune Resort Beach Club Bali

LulaBelle-Race Team Supervisor

Lulabelle is the main dog around here. She is where we get our name 'Bad Belle Racing". She isn't bad all the time. In fact, she likes to be good. And that means winning trophies! LuBelle trains the riders and her owners.
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Motorcycle Mechanics

Our team of small dogs are not only skilled racers but also expert motorcycle mechanics, ensuring the bikes are in top condition for maximum performance on the track.
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Our own Clothing Line

Show your support for our racing team with our stylish and high-quality clothing line, featuring unique designs inspired by our Miniature Pinscher racers.

Unleash the power of the pint-sized racers!

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