Protecting Bears in Japan

Help us conserve bear habitats and promote coexistence with these magnificent creatures.

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Bumped into this little cute fur seal pup at Cape Palliser a few hundreds meters past the water stream which in this particular occasion was overflowing due to heavy rain. He was very curious and was walking towards us on his adorable little flippers when I took this shot before we slowly got going to avoid any interactions.

Bear Conservation Advocacy

Join us in advocating for the protection and conservation of bears through educational campaigns, lobbying for stricter regulations, and supporting wildlife conservation initiatives.
white and black panda on brown tree branch during daytime

Bear Habitat Assessments

Evaluate bear habitats to identify potential areas for improvement and implement measures to ensure the preservation of their natural environment.
polar bear in body of water photography

Bear Awareness Workshops

Educate yourself and your community about bear behavior and how to safely coexist with these magnificent creatures.

Protecting bears, preserving nature, creating a future.

Join the movement to save our precious wildlife!

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