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Binai Corp. specializes in recovering stolen, banned, hacked, and temporarily disabled private and META ad/business manager accounts . We are a subsidiary company of ANTIBANINST.RU a leading company in sphere of social media security in RU/UA/KZ regions.

Our Services

Instagram 3D icon concept.

Instagram Account Recovery

Recover your stolen, banned, or hacked Instagram accounts quickly and securely.
Facebook's transition to Meta — in 3D. 

More 3D app icons like these are coming soon. You can find my 3D work in the collection called "3D Design".

META Ad/Business Manager Account Recovery

With our supreme META Ad/Business Manager Account Recovery services get your precious ads safe and running once and for all. With proven record of more than 500 accounts recovered in less than 24 hours we are honoured to offer our services to the business owners and marketing specialists all around the world.
a stack of colorful blocks with social icons on them

Social Media Antiban Solutions

We are proud to offer our one of a kind "Anti-Ban" service. If you're going viral or having an unusually high engagement rate there's a big chance that you might get suspended by the algorithm or simply get banned due to multiple reports organized by one of your competitors. If your business depends on social media presence we offer our antiban network service to provide you with flawless performance and security.
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