Welcome to Bites & Brews – Your Filipino Flavor Fiesta!

Savor the Taste of our very own Filipino Sisig and Delightful Sweet Treats.

Our Mouth-Watering Menu

Sisig & Chill

Spice up your taste buds with our Sisig and wash it down with a cold beer. Your taste buds will thank you! 🌶️🍻

Tropical Bliss in a Cup!

Dive into Sweet Bliss with Our Mango Tapioca! Refreshing, Creamy, and Bursting with Real Mango Goodness. A Tropical Treat You Can’t Resist!

Layered Love in Every Bite!

Layers of Creamy Delight and Mango Magic in Every Bite. Pure Decadence!

Ice Candy Magnum Inspired

Cool Down with Our Magnum-Inspired Ice Candy! Rich, Creamy, and So Refreshing – A Summer Must-Have Treat! 🌞

Savor the flavors of life at Block 1 Lot 11 Savana 2!

Taste the difference today!