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Explore engaging Teen Tango Mystery and Chair Yoga books by Andre, a passionate storyteller based in Ottawa, Canada.

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Chair Yoga Books

Andre Beaulne has authored a collection of insightful books catering specifically to seniors and their well-being. "Senior Chair Yoga - Sequences" provides valuable sequences for both teachers and students, while "Chair Yoga & Medical Conditions" delves into addressing senior medical concerns in Yoga. "Yoga Breath of Serenity" guides seniors in mastering the art of breath for enhanced serenity. Other notable works include "Senior Chair Yoga Benefits Unveiled," offering a comprehensive understanding of the b

Tango Books

Andre has penned a series of insightful and captivating Tango discussion books that delve into the passion and intricacies of Argentine Tango. Among these works are "The Tango Effect," which explores the profound reasons behind dancing Tango, and "Dancing to the Tango Beat," offering guidance on musical expression in Tango. Additionally, he has crafted "The Secret Tango Society Mysteries Series," along with Tango Manuals and Vals.

The Secret Tango Society Mystery Series

Spanning four thrilling books. With each installment, the mysteries become more intricate and perilous, drawing readers deeper into Valentina’s captivating world. Get ready to be captivated by Valentina Gonzalez, the Super Brainy Sleuth with irresistible Tango moves, and join her as she pursues her super-secret dream of Tango stardom.

Diverse genres, endless stories. Crafting creativity with passion and purpose!

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