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Commuter electric scooters are portable electric scooters that can be folded and carried easily. Thanks to their light weight, electric scooters can be carried or lifted by an average adult easily. The Mearth X Pro is the lightest electric scooter among Mearth scooters. Weighing only 12 kg, the Mearth X Pro is the perfect portable commuter scooter.

Electric Scooter Rentals

Explore the city with ease on our eco-friendly electric scooters.

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Electric Scooter Sales

Upgrade to your own electric scooter for convenient and sustainable transportation.

Spotted 2 training F/A-18’s during a roadtrip.

Flight Training Courses

Learn to fly with our expert instructors and comprehensive training programs.

Empowering the future with electric vehicles and aviation.

Join us in the journey to a sustainable tomorrow!

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