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Unlock the Power of Cloud and AI

At CedarLogic, we specialize in providing expert advising and consulting services in Cloud and AI technologies. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in leveraging Microsoft Azure's Application Gateway and proxy software for rewriting HTTP requests. We have received rave reviews from our clients, who have praised our expertise and the time and effort we have saved them. Take your business to new heights with CedarLogic.

Our Services

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Azure Application Gateway Implementation

We specialize in implementing and configuring Microsoft Azure's Application Gateway, enabling secure and scalable application delivery, load balancing, and SSL termination.
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Cloud Security Assessment

Ensure the security of your cloud environment with our comprehensive assessment, identifying vulnerabilities, implementing necessary controls, and ensuring compliance with industry standards.
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AI Advisory Services

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence in your business with our advisory services, guiding you in the adoption and implementation of AI technologies to drive innovation and efficiency.

Empowering businesses with Cloud and AI

Transform your business with our expertise!


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