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Welcome to Charnwood Forest Skittles League, the premier table skittles league in Leicester. Join us for exciting games, and a chance to meet new people. Enjoy the fun and frustration of skittles and create lasting memories with us!

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Skittles Tournaments

Participate in exciting skittles tournaments organized by our league. Test your skills, compete for prizes, and enjoy a thrilling atmosphere with fellow skittles enthusiasts.

Skittles Games

Enjoy a fun and exhilarating game of skittles with your friends and family. Our well-maintained skittles alley and professional equipment ensure a great experience for all skill levels.


Originally based in Charnwood Forest Leicestershire , we now play in and around the city of Leicester during the winter months. This ancient game continues during the summer though with another League. The club and institute union and quite a few pubs provide us with with our venues.

Keeping the flag flying for Leicester table skittles!

Join us for a fun-filled skittles experience!

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