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This is Rocky Balboa, my Red Rough Brussels Griffon. We got him age 5 months - he was earmarked to be one of the breeder’s show dogs, but a change in circumstances meant we got to have him instead. He was initially very unaccustomed to city life, a little ball of nervous energy, who was scared of the hustle and bustle. 
This is him 18 months on at the Country Griffon Club of New South Wales Show in Australia, about to enter his very first show. It was my first dog show too, but I wanted to give him a chance to shine. We both absolutely loved it - and his confident strut made my heart melt.

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A coati is depicted foraging on the forest floor, its snout close to the ground as it investigates something of interest. Its distinctive ringed tail is held high, adding a dynamic aspect to this candid wildlife moment.

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