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Marine Surveyor and Ship Management Services

Welcome to COMAROPS, your trusted partner for all your maritime consulting needs. With our expertise in maritime operations and practical experience, we provide tailored advice and guidance to help you navigate the challenges of the industry. Discover how we can optimize your vessel management and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Our Services

Automated Guided Vehicles carrying containers at Port of Rotterdam

Operations Management

Operational management of merchant vessels. Preparation of calls, management of interfaces with your vessel and ports. Recommending and optimising routes and calls. Research and optimisation of cost factors and logistics availability to ensure the continuity of your vessel's service at sea.
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Technical Management

Technical management and superintendence of merchant ships (class, flag, IMO, ISM, ISPS, PSC...). Compliance with flag and class rules. Implementation of planned maintenance systems. Warranty claims management (newbuildings). Optimisation of ship maintenance costs and logistics.
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Operational response

Provide technical and operational assistance in the event of an emergency at sea or action plans related to Port State Control inspections.

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