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Deep within the walls of costume houses, there is a section for anything and everything. Finding the right item for the right costume for the right actor is like finding a needle in a haystack. Sometimes, you come across a wall that has, literally, thousands of hats like these and with the right imagination, you can make your vision come to life. Another day in the life of a movie and tv costumer.

Hat Accessories

Explore our wide range of hat accessories including hat bands, feathers, and pins to add a touch of style to your hat.

Custom Hat Design

Get a unique and personalized cowboy or cowgirl hat designed to match your style and preferences.
I went out to a ranch during early sunrise and was capturing pictures of horses when I saw the head cowboy drinking his coffee on the fence. I thought the shot looked really cool and that he posed really well, even though he didn’t even know I was taking a picture.

Hat Cleaning and Restoration

Revive your old and worn-out cowboy or cowgirl hat with our professional cleaning and restoration services.
Western Guy

Hat Customization

Personalize your cowboy or cowgirl hat with custom embroidery, patches, or hand-painted designs.
man in black leather jacket wearing hat

Hat Fitting and Styling

Visit our store for a professional hat fitting and styling session to find the perfect hat that suits you.
man in black and white plaid dress shirt and blue denim jeans sitting on brown wooden

Hat Repair and Alterations

We offer expert repairs and alterations for your cowboy or cowgirl hat to ensure it fits perfectly and lasts longer.

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