Professional Cuddle Services for Pets

For owners with allergies or who don't like to pet their pets, Cozy Cuddles offers professional cuddling services for cats, dogs, and chickens. Our team of trained cuddlers will stroke and cuddle your beloved animals, keeping them happy and giving them the love they deserve.

Our Services

five brown hens on ground beside fence

Chicken Cuddling

Give your chickens the love and attention they deserve with our gentle cuddling sessions, ensuring they remain calm and stress-free.
Samoyeds have a snuggle

Dog Snuggling

Our friendly staff will snuggle up with your dogs, providing them with warmth and companionship to keep them at ease in your absence.
This is the cutest and loveliest cat I have ever met in my life. He is BU BU, a cat with 6 fingers, which is unusual, but in fact, smarter than any cat. He meows every time he sees me, and jumps to my bed and sits with me.

Cat Cuddling

Let our expert cuddlers give your cats the affection they crave, ensuring they are happy and content while you're away.

Let us cuddle your pets!

Because every pet deserves love and attention.

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