Imagine.  This always reminds me of my favourite song Imagine and John Lennon. We all need imagination in life and I must admit the word itself always makes me think.

Unlock Your Imagination

Discover the power of art to heal, create, and transform. Join us for a free workshop and take playful steps towards letting go and unleashing your creativity.


Arty mess

Art Therapy Sessions

Engage in art-making processes in a supportive environment to promote self-expression, emotional healing, and personal growth.
Our very first Unsplash Expedition in london was off to a flying start. Here at Leak Street, photographer are soaking up the atmosphere

Co-Creation Lab

Join our interactive workshops to explore different art techniques and unleash your creativity in a fun and collaborative setting.

Book a session to take steps towards letting go!

Unlock your imagination and find healing through creativity.

Schedule a session to experience the transformative benefits of creative uncovery.

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