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Bienvenue sur CrystalBoard, la référence des longboards et cruisers transparent. Découvrez nos skateboards élégants, innovants et performants. Rejoignez-nous dès aujourd'hui !

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Patrick Hendry

Skateboard Maintenance

Keep your skateboard in top shape with our maintenance services, including cleaning, bearing replacement, and deck repairs.
Skateparks are my favourite thing to photograph. The action, the challenge of capturing the best shot at the right time whilst using my manual lens, it pushes my photography boundaries.

Skateboard Customization

Personalize your skateboard with our customization options, including deck art, grip tape designs, and wheel colors.
I took my cruiser deck to my latest trip to Budapest, and it’s one of the best ways to experience the city (besides bike of course)!

Transparent Plexiglass Cruiser Longboards

Experience the thrill of riding on our transparent plexiglass cruiser longboards, designed for maximum style and performance.

Ride the future with CrystalBoard's transparent innovation!

Join the skateboarding revolution today!

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