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Welcome to DatFrenchGuy, your go-to destination for professional esports coaching. Level up your skills and dominate the gaming world with the guidance of our experienced team. Join us today and unleash your inner pro gamer!

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Coaching Sessions

Receive personalized coaching sessions tailored to your goals and skill level to enhance your gaming performance.

From casual gamers to professionals, we want to provide all e-sports enthusiasts with a gaming experience at the highest level. Whether you are a professional team, a group of friends or a company - with us you have the best conditions for a fun and successful time.

In addition to high-quality gaming equipment, we offer a wide range of services as well as all drinks for free, so that every gamer can reach their maximum performance with us.

Equipment Recommendations

Get recommendations on the best gaming equipment and accessories that suit your playstyle and budget.
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Team Building

Build and manage a successful esports team with our guidance on recruitment, training, and strategy development.

Level up your game.

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Connect with us and level up your gaming skills.

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