Safe Oversized Load Escorts

"Jeffery Beggs' pilot service ensures safe and efficient Escorts for oversized loads.

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Devil’s Bathtub is one of the most rewarding hikes in Spearfish Canyon.  About a 10-15 minute drive from the stoplight in Spearfish that marks the beginning of the canyon, the entire hike can be done and over within an hour or can be stretched out to last the entire afternoon, depending on your hiking experience.

Lead Vehicle Escort

Professional lead vehicle escort services for safely guiding oversized loads on streets and highways.

REVOLOK Drill Binder steel coil securement ~

Oversized Load Escorting

Specialized services for escorting oversized loads to prevent traffic disruptions and ensure safety on the road.


Traffic Safety Escort

Dedicated traffic safety escort services to protect motorists during the transportation of large loads.

Safeguarding Oversized Loads with Precision and Care.

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Ensure Safe Passage for Oversized Loads with Our Expert Escort Services

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