My custom workspace which I designed, built and wired in 2017. From here I perform most of my personal tasks: writing articles, code, hacking or doing something equally spectacular. A custom passively cooled quad core Hackintosh runs smooth and remains whisper quiet, DIY monitor backlight keeps the eye strain from late night sprints at bay, a custom built DAC combined with either monitors or headphones fills the space with wondrous vibes. The mini-galaxy bulbs enclosed in terrariums symbolize “self” as being part of something grand, something bigger than life, urging one to do great things…

Empower IT Teams with Open Source

Train and grow IT teams with open source technologies to create performant, resilient, sustainable, and secured information systems.

Our Services

Notebook work with statistics on sofa business

Resilience Planning

Develop resilience strategies to ensure continuity in the face of disruptions using open source solutions.
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IT Team Training

Empower your IT team with expert training on open source technologies for enhanced performance and resilience.
The beautifully designed and amazing Zaptec Go, home charger for electric cars. photographer: Joel Heyd

Sustainability Solutions

Implement sustainable IT practices and solutions to support a greener and more efficient information system.

Empowering IT teams with open source tech for resilient systems!

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