Gaming Area

On the second floor, in addition to the Elite Suite, there are two more medium-sized gaming areas for up to 10 people. There are also two rooms for 2-3 people each for smaller teams.

All gaming stations are equipped with high-quality hardware and professional gaming gear. To allow you to enjoy long but relaxed gaming sessions, each gaming station is equipped with a comfortable Noblechair and height-adjustable, "rage-safe" Leetdesks.

Data Analysis for Esports Organizations

Unlock the power of data to drive success in the fast-paced world of esports. Our team of experts specializes in analyzing player performance, team strategies, and audience engagement. Take your esports organization to the next level with Eaucta.

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The 1337Camp in Waiblingen
LAN AREA / Room 01 - 03

Tournament Performance Optimization

Optimize the performance of esports teams in tournaments by analyzing past performances and identifying areas for improvement.
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Player Scouting

Identify and evaluate potential esports talents by analyzing their in-game performance and statistical data.
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Strategy Development

Develop data-driven strategies and tactics to improve the performance and competitive edge of esports organizations.

Unlock the power of data

Level up your esports performance!

Unlock the power of your data.

Schedule a time to connect with our team and discover how data analysis can boost your esports organization.


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