Empowering Eco-Friendly Practices

Handover repaired, unwanted, or unused materials. Buy recycled products. Reducing landfill waste and preventing global warming.

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Sunday walk through Box Hill Farms in Duvall, WA. This beautiful, strong plant seemed to be a map of the world. Veined in a way that makes us relatable & not simply human.

Green Living Workshops

Join workshops to learn about sustainable living practices and eco-friendly habits

Business cards on marble table

Paper Recycling

Recover and recycle papers, books, and newspapers to promote eco-friendly practices


Product Refurbishment

Repair and refurbish unwanted materials for extended use and reduced waste

Turning waste into wealth for a greener tomorrow!

Join us in the eco-revolution!

Join us in closing the loop on waste. Schedule a time to hand over your unwanted materials or shop for recycled products today!

Together, let's make a difference for our planet.


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