Riding the Eco-Waves of Change

Discover Eco-Friendly, Sustainable & High Performance Surfboard Fins crafted from Organic Hemp Fibre, Rain Water and Biopoxy, absolutely nothing else!!

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Surfer at Kuta Beach, Bali

Fully Customisable Eco-Surfins

Let us design and manufacture your desired Surfboard Fins to suit your needs. Choose your shape, colour and laser etching.

I live in Jbay and I watched the Jbay Open as much as I could get off of work for. I loved getting to take some images of the surfers. For this shot I was literally on the rocks as close to the water as I could get.

Eco-Surfing Merchandise

Discover our collection of eco-friendly merchandise inspired by sustainable surfing culture.

Surfer under a wave

Surfing Workshops and Events

Join our surfing workshops and events to learn about sustainable surfing practices and connect with like-minded individuals.

Ride the waves sustainably with our eco-friendly surfboard fins!

Join the movement for a greener surf experience!

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