Supplementing Staff for Healthcare Insurance Projects and Programs

Elite IQ Solutions offers exceptional, seasoned resources with 10-20 years of experience in the health insurance industry. Leverage our expertise from project & program managers, analysts, product managers, architects and more for achieving your goals!

Supports management with expanded expertise for projects, migrations & implementations.

Unlock your organization's full potential with our experienced resources!

Our Services

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Staff Augmentation

Supplement your staff with our knowledgeable and experienced resources for projects, programs, migrations, implementations, etc.
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Project Managers & Program Managers

Leverage our expertise of Project and Program Managers, Business Analysts and Product Managers to ensure efficient execution and success of your projects.
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Senior Business Analysts & Product Managers

Utilize the expertise of seasoned Senior Business Analyst and Product Managers for projects, implementations and/or to support the building or improving a product that is user-friendly and intuitive with the goal of user effectiveness and efficiency.
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Comprehensive IT Resources

Access a wide range of IT professionals, including analysts, developers, testers, architects, project managers, and more.
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Advisors and Strategists

Take advantage of our team's extensive knowledge and experience in every aspect of the health insurance industry from a payor perspective.
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Centers of Excellence & Stakeholder Committees

.Collaborate with our highly experienced resources to establish a Center of Excellence in performance, requirements, etc. .Partner with our seasoned professionals to establish Stakeholder Committees and develop customized processes to facilitate stakeholders' crucial guidance and oversight for projects, migrations, implementations, etc.

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