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Information Security Program Development

Cybersecurity is simply managing cyber risk. Risk is relative to your assets. We'll help you understand your risk, and establish robust information security measures to protect you from existing and emerging threats.


Business Growth Enablement

Information security has to be a business enablement function. The information security program leverages cybersecurity strategies to support your organizational growth and revenue increase, if you are a business. For non-profits, to increase trust among those who use your services.

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AI Risk Assessment

AI development and spread is moving faster than we can learn how to manage risk associated with it. We have some of the leading AI security experts available and ready to understand AI risk, craft your first Responsible AI Use Policy and empower your organization to benefit from AI instead of opening you up to more risk.

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Compliance and Cyber Insurance

Our expertise will help you to reduce compliance risks to lower cyber insurance premiums. And while neither one of them is paramount to security, they don't have to become a dreaded hindrance to your forward movement. Compliance - achieved! Premiums - lowered! We can get these results for you!

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Empowering Your Cyber Resilience

Do you know how much cyber risk is in your business? If you are a small or medium organization and data is a key asset to your organization, I would love to help you understand your risk and manage it efficiently. George Bakalov, Certified vCISO