Express Yourself with Festive Hair

Discover our wide range of all-natural hair colors, perfect for adding a touch of excitement to any occasion. Our easy-to-use products are designed to be both fun and environmentally friendly, allowing you to express your unique style without damaging your hair or the planet.


Colorful confetti falling down with a teal background

Hair Color Lotions

Try our hair color lotions to experiment with different shades and create unique looks. Gentle on your hair and the environment.
Sometimes, a greyish day in February can only be made better with a hefty array of tropical fruits, to remind you sunny days are just around the corner.

Temporary Hair Color Wax

Add a pop of vibrant color to your hair with our temporary hair color wax. Easy to apply and remove without damaging your hair.

Sexy Wax

Get attractive and stylish hold with our non-sticky and hair-friendly wax. It won't leave your hands dirty.

Unleash your colorful spirit!

Get ready to party with Festive Hair!


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