Break Free from Harrassment and Targeting

We want to empower individuals to reclaim their freedom from illegally put bioelectronic implants. This is the dark side of the medical industry and organized crime syndicates. Layered structures are used to spread a network of control over human beings.

Notice: Targeted Individuals

Take back your power! Do not give in to gaslighting and whatever narrative the perpetrators tell you about anyone in your life.

Do not give in to information they know about you. Remember yourself and what you stand for, what you love. Do not let them condition you into the person THEY want.

They use neural and bioelectronic chips to affect not just you but the circle around you, few levels deep. And that's their plan. It is to cripple and isolate you from everyone you love and trust where there was superficial trust.

I've lost 2 full-time jobs, 3 job opportunities, and 4 freelance jobs. Along with many personal and trusted work relationships. New ones are very fallible. 2 and a 1/2 years!

You just have no choice, but to fight and get your mind back and your own free will back through persistent fighting.

Write and observe every feeling and sensation as though it were not your own. Observe which are your own and which are inflicted on you. Do not give in to feelings that will hurt yourself.

What to do?

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Untangle Yourself from Systemic Deception and Sabotage

If you are CERTAIN that you are being targeted through illegal bioelectronic chip implants, Neuroscience will just tell you to go to Psychiatry. DO NOT BOTHER, UNTIL YOU'VE TRIED SHIELDING MATERIAL. Do not eat medication that is NOT MEANT FOR YOU. Write down EVERY FEELING AND THOUGHT YOU OBSERVE, That is YOU and THE PERPETRATORS. Diary it. We're working towards T.I FREEDOM. Please keep reporting to INTERPOL, U.N., make sure you describe your unnatural and induced observations of your state, mental, physical and emotional. DOCUMENT IT.

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Remember Yourself to Survive

We can guide individuals on handling situations that arise from illegal chip implants and psychological and emotional distress so that you feel sane again. It may have been because you were a valuable target and held information that those hackers want. And can act as a node that will spread "malware" all around. Don't feel weird about it. People all of shades exist. It is just more invisible now.

Do not accept a Sczhiophrenia Diagnosis until you have tried shielding and know it doesn't work. Press your fingers against your ears. Press your pillow against your ears. Does it affect the voices? If it does, SHIELD MORE. YOU'RE TARGETED.

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Center Yourself, Re-normalize Your Mind and Life

Reintegrate with what is normal and dealing with the truth. Bioelectronic Chips can affect your mood, your body, there will be symptoms that are a huge shift from what your body normally does. Do not be affected. It was unfortunate. But you can get ahead of it. Try the steps below. If not, contact me and we can work to reduce the horrible effects.

Do YOGA.. stretch out all those worn down nerves by the hackers and perpetrators. Get a goal. Work towards it. Don't give in to their schemes.

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Why and how was I chipped?

It could have been when you were traveling through an Airbnb. You could have been a subject of an Evil Maid Attack (wiki this), you may have signed onto a Public WIFI network at a hotel and was deemed to be a target. At night, you wouldn't know, an injectable could have been placed into your finger and spine. It is VERY EASY. I was traveling alone when this happened. An Airbnb "landlord" targeted me. They use Airbnbs as targeting grounds to find oblivious targets. Mine was in Vienna, Austria, where Espionage is allowed. Where many businesses are Russian-backed.

Methods that will help you break free from the wireless technology hurting you remotely

First, you're definitely being monitored and hacked on your devices. Get out of the house without anything, go to a park. Does it make a difference?

Take control of your devices --

  • Remove device and app permissions for Location, Background App Access, consistent WIFI Scanning, WIFI Calling.

  • Turn off Bluetooth, Airplay and WIFI if and when you're not using it.

  • Delete unnecessary apps on your devices. Shut off services like Siri, Microsoft Connected Services etc. SIMPLIFY. Disconnect the connected services.

  • Clear your cache/cookies/sessions/ for apps, devices and services. Kick out devices on every service that you use that are NOT you.

  • Control incoming and outgoing services, get a service like ControlD (look for LinusTechTips to understand how to de-Google) to reduce the amount of services from websites being used to stack on power and load to hurt your head.

  • Turn off wireless technologies, avoid beamforming technologies, opt for Ethernet cable for uninterrupted access, and SOUND on devices

Shielding material recommendations

There are a few things to guard against.

1. Sound frequencies 2. Wireless frequencies 3. Bioelectromagnetic frequencies

Use Shielding Material -

  • Acoustic panels that you can stick on the door and around the area where you most work or where you may be surrounded by active power points.

  • Heavy, anti-sound frequency curtains with velcro tape to block the gaps on the doors of your bedroom and the windows.

  • Anti-EMF Shielding Fabric under your bed

  • Anti-EMF Paint to paint your walls and block out frequencies.

  • Anti-Signal Window Film to block out frequencies from the window.

  • Buy an Anti-EMF blanket/fabric to surround your head and pillow when you sleep.

  • Wrap areas where there are known and powered up wires with EMI with Copper. Including pendant lights or wire lines. In case they're not wrapped.

  • Use RFID blockers for your cards.

It will reduce the effect on your head to a great extent, 60-70% of the frequencies can be reduced at this point unless you work with Mu-metal and such materials.

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