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Discover our professional agricultural spraying drones designed with top-of-the-line systems to revolutionize farming practices.

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Precision Irrigation

Efficient irrigation solutions tailored to specific crop needs, with night vision gives more options to work at night. The omnidirectional 360 degrees sowing capability's, distributed without leakage it has capability's can spread solid fertilizers, seeds, feeds.

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Our sprayer drones are built to last, with durable top quality materials. It automatically adjusts height based on terrain, streams real-time views to your app, and operates hands-free or manually via remote control. Efficient, precise, and adaptable, it's the ultimate tool for modern agriculture.

Into the mountains

Highest quality spraying drones.

Supports autonomous flight mode with complete precision AI, we understand the importance of this tech hence the fully integrated obstacle avoidance radar system which can detect obstacles in any environment to ensure flight safety.

30l specs

Insightful data specs for informed decision-making in farming operations. We currently only have one version of spraying drone available at the moment, We are only a new company with people that enjoy bringing new ways of dynamic farming.

Revolutionizing farming with cutting-edge aerial technology!

Transforming agriculture one field at a time!

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