My custom workspace which I designed, built and wired in 2017. From here I perform most of my personal tasks: writing articles, code, hacking or doing something equally spectacular. A custom passively cooled quad core Hackintosh runs smooth and remains whisper quiet, DIY monitor backlight keeps the eye strain from late night sprints at bay, a custom built DAC combined with either monitors or headphones fills the space with wondrous vibes. The mini-galaxy bulbs enclosed in terrariums symbolize “self” as being part of something grand, something bigger than life, urging one to do great things…

Efficient Claims Management Platform for Insurance Companies

Streamline your claims process and maximize efficiency with Galaika, the leading claims management SaaS platform in Rwanda. Our advanced technology and experienced team will help your insurance company handle claims faster, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Our Services

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Customer Support

Provide responsive and knowledgeable support to insurance customers, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty.
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Data Analytics

Analyze insurance data to identify trends, patterns, and insights for better decision-making.
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Document Management

Digitize and organize insurance documents, improving accessibility and reducing paperwork.

Empowering insurance companies with efficient claims management solutions.

Join us in transforming the insurance industry!

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