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Dr. Gareth Roberts is here to optimize the speed of your website. With years of experience and expertise in headless website architectures, he separates the front visible component from the back-end, ensuring lightning-fast page delivery. Utilizing modern javascript frameworks like React, Next, and Nuxt, Dr. Gareth can accelerate your website's performance and enhance user experience.

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Productionising LLMs and Complex AI Products

Hacker binary attack code. Made with Canon 5d Mark III and analog vintage lens, Leica APO Macro Elmarit-R 2.8 100mm (Year: 1993)

Front-end and Back-end Separation

When developing our very first Mayosis theme (for selling digital products through WordPress) I captured some great looking pictures on my iMac. The 50mm Prime lens was best for this particular shot with it's beautiful depth of field rendering. Later, I added some color gradient overlay and adjusted the look and feel in Lightroom and Photoshop.

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