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Join us at H.E.M.P. Retreat, a Holistic Electroacoustic Music Production immersive and intensive 9 day program in the lush hills of the Northern Rivers of NNSW, Australia. Expectransformative experience combining music production and healing workshops.

Services Offered at H.E.M.P. Retreat

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Educational Music Workshops

Engage in educational workshops that cover a wide range of music-related topics.

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Creative Expression Sessions

Explore your creativity through expressive sessions and artistic endeavors.

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Self Development Interactive Workshops

Join Self Development Interactive Workshops designed to promote a sequence of conscious workshops throughout the 9 days of the retreat in a balanced and immersive format.

Harmonize your mind, elevate your soul.

Join us and create your unique sound journey!

Connect with H.E.M.P. Retreat for a transformative journey like no other!

Experience the fusion of music production, self-development, and transformational workshops.


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