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Empowering Neurodiverse Kids with Comprehensive Therapies

High Sky CDC offers a multidisciplinary approach to child development with a team of experts in Hyderabad. Discover personalized therapies for your child today.

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Connect with the earth.

Yoga Therapy

Promoting relaxation, concentration, and physical well-being in children through yoga practices.

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Enhancing physical abilities and motor skills in children.

During my stay on Mallorca, I came across those little children. I was so appealed by them watching fisher boats coming in, I had to take this picture. Even if there is no boat visible, the scene with the boy apparently pointing towards the horizon is even stronger.

Speech Therapy

Improving communication skills and language development in children.

Empowering neurodiverse kids to reach new heights of potential!

Join us in creating a brighter future for every child!

Connect with High Sky CDC to unlock the full potential of your neurodiverse child.

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