This was taken at the Unsplash Team annual Retreat. Martine from the Community Team was taking it on it’s first flight!

Enhancing Offline Experiences with Technology

Welcome to Hironobu Ohkubo, where we combine our love for alcohol, music, movies, and stories with the power of technology. We offer freelance planning, UI design, UX design, web design, mobile app design, and mockup creation services to enhance offline experiences and improve communication between people. Join us in bringing online technology into the offline world.

Services We Offer

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Freelance Planning

We provide freelance planning services to help businesses strategize and execute their projects effectively.
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Mobile App Design

We offer mobile app design services that combine functionality and aesthetics to create engaging and user-friendly applications.

Mockup Creation

Our mockup creation services help you visualize your ideas and bring them to life, enabling better communication and decision-making.

Bridging the gap between offline experiences and online technology.

Connect, engage, and amplify your world with our innovative solutions!


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