Cutting-edge Fiber Laser Solutions

Discover our range of HK Falcon Fiber Laser Cutting Systems for precise and efficient industrial cutting solutions.

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Laser Cutting Machine Maintenance

Professional maintenance and servicing for your laser cutting machines to ensure optimal performance.


Metal Laser Cutting Services

Precision laser cutting services for metals including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.

PLH3D-Series were created as a series of compact and light laser heads. Their versatility allows to use them with almost all CNC machines available on the market.

Opt Lasers’ portfolio encompasses industrial-grade laser heads for engraving and cutting, standard and custom laser modules, laser diode drivers and temperature controllers:

To learn more about the capabilities that adding an engraving and cutting laser to your CNC machine brings about, take a look at the following webpage:

Custom Laser Cutting Solutions

Tailored laser cutting services to meet your unique industrial cutting needs.

Cutting-edge solutions for your industrial needs.

Empowering your precision with Falcon Laser technology!


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