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Natalie Ankilewitz, MA, LPC - Teletherapy Counselor in Texas and Colorado

Teletherapy services for Colorado and Texas Residents


Teletherapy in Colorado and Texas

Welcome to a sanctuary of mental well-being, where healing begins from the comfort of your own space. Meet Natalie Ankilewitz, MA, LPC, your trusted guide on the journey towards inner peace and emotional resilience. With a compassionate heart and a wealth of experience, Natalie offers teletherapy mental health services to individuals in Colorado and Texas. As a licensed professional counselor, she brings expertise in navigating the complexities of the human psyche with empathy and understanding.

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In-network Provider

Mental health provider for:

  • Aetna

  • Aetna Allied Benefit System

  • Aetna AmeriBen

  • Aetna CoreSource

  • Aetna EBMS

  • Aetna GEHA

  • Aetna Gavie

  • Aetna Marpai

  • Aetna Meritain

  • Aetna WebTPA

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (HMO)

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (PPO)

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield -Pathway

  • Centivo Ellwood Group

  • Cigna

  • Cigna TPA

  • Cigna EAP

  • FAIROS Powered by OccuNet

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • Kaiser Permanente EPO

  • Lucent Health - Summit County Govt. Plan

  • Optum - Carveout

  • Optum/United -EAP

*for a comprehensive list please click on the link provided

Walkarounds in Amsterdam.

Holistic Healing for Mental Health

Energy psychology is a holistic approach to mental health that acknowledges the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. By addressing the subtle energy systems within the body, such as meridians and chakras, energy psychology techniques aim to release emotional blockages and restore balance. This approach combines elements of traditional psychotherapy with practices like acupressure, mindfulness, and breathwork to promote healing on a deep level. For mental health clients, energy psychology offers a u

Discover the art of gathering, storing and circulating energy within your whole being.

Aligning to your core identity.


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