Empower Your Corporate Intelligence

Transform your Slack into a powerful knowledge hub. Access, analyze, and apply your corporate data effortlessly.

AI-Powered Productivity at Your Fingertips

Onboard, Inform, Asisst. Supercharge your team's productivity today!

How can HyperAqt help?

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Search from Slack

Ask our Slackbot anything. It can search your Confluence, Slack history, shared drives, and a growing list of data sources.
Workhard Anywhere

AI-Powered GTD Planner

Forgotten something? Unsure what to work on? HyperAq is your AI-powered planner: task lists, projects, next actions & deadlines.
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Automate Tedious Tasks

Format that report, mail in your timesheet, create a project plan, book that flight, or file your expense report. Name it.

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