A technician viewing a blot on a fluorescence microscope while another technician is using a pipette at the Advanced Technology Research Facility (ATRF), Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute.

ImmuGenix Biosciences

ImmuGenix Biosciences Pvt Ltd is revolutionizing diagnostic product development to enhance infectious disease diagnosis globally.

ImmuGenix Biosciences (IGB) is Chennai based R&D company established in 2018 by the scientist-turned entrepreneur Dr. V. Naveen

Our Services


Innovative bioinformatics tools for data analysis and interpretation in molecular diagnostics.

Mutation analysis – Detection of point – Silent, Missense, and Nonsense mutations, Frameshift, deletion, and insertions mutation, Synonymous and non synonymous mutation


Isolation and Cultivation Microbes, Antibiotic Testing, Bacterial Resistant Gene Screening

Molecular Biology

Offer a techniques to detect and amplify the visibility of molecules in samples.

RNA gene sequencing – 16SrRNA and 18SrRNA gene sequencing, DNA and RNA isolation, PCR, Real time PCR


ELISA,Dot Blotting,Western Blotting,Development of Immunoblotting,Development of immunochromatography

Innovating Medical Diagnostics, Putting India on the Global Map!

Join us in revolutionizing healthcare!


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