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Unleash Your Imagination, Explore Miraland

Welcome to Infold Games, the leading provider of games with rich contents. Dive into a world of love, romance, beauty, and adventure with our captivating titles. Join Nikki and her friends on thrilling journeys filled with creativity and wonder. Discover the power of your own style and embark on limitless adventures in Miraland. Let your imagination run wild!


Whilst strolling through any arcades, always stop to take a photo and play around in Lightroom. You’ll be impressed.

Customized Game Development

Bring your unique game ideas to life with our customized game development services. Our team of experts will work closely with you to create a tailored gaming experience that exceeds your expectations.
Burger King icon in 3D. My 3D work may be seen in the section titled "3D Render."

Shining Nikki: Unleash Your Styling Power

Discover the magic of Styling Power in Miraland and embark on a journey with Nikki and Momo. Compete against opponents and unleash your creativity to create the most dazzling outfits and become a fashion icon.
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Mr Love: Queen's Choice - A Romantic Adventure

Dive into a thrilling romance simulation game where you'll encounter superpowers, fantasy elements, and unexpected surprises. Choose your path and let true love guide you to an unforgettable story.

Empower the world with creativity

We don't make games, we create stories.


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