This is a macro of a silicon wafer. Each square is a chip with microscopic transistors and circuits. Ordinarily, wafers like these are diced into their individual chips and the chips go into the processors that power our computers.
Sometimes, wafers have flaws and the manufacturers dispose of them instead. That’s how I got mine. After visiting the tech museums in Silicon Valley, I was amazed at the beauty of silicon wafers, so I started collecting and photographing them.
Like fractals and flowers, the closer you get to them, the more amazing details there are to see.

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Digital IP

Digital IP development for data processing and communication. Includes specification review, HDL code generation, low-level testing, synthesis and place&route

3D render of AI and GPU processors

Digital Circuit Design

Specialized in creating high-performance and low-power digital circuit designs for vertical applications.

Silicon Valley Power

Custom Silicon Design

Tailored silicon design solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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