Solutions that make business sense

Since 2007 my consultancy has worked with dozens of customers on hundreds of projects to refine Jibwa LLC into a simple service: to understand your business and provide technical choices, guidance, and plans which result in financial successes.

Consulting Plan

1: Get to know your product

Let's get together or on a call so I can hear what you have built and how it could be better with technology.

2: Decide on a starting point

No over-planning or vague ideas. Let's decide on and plan the first verifiable step and how we can gauge its success.

3: Execute and iterate

Depending on the plan I can build it myself, build/manage a team, or plan to reach, verify, and decide what is next.

Grow your business with the right technical choices

Focus digital solutions to reach bottom line goals.

Schedule a meet to discuss your business

Lets start with an informal conversation about your business and technical goals.

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