Lasers are used to position a patient model wearing a short face mask in a computed tomography (CT) scanner to obtain images of a tumor before radiation therapy. 2010

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A Caucasian woman's head is being secured by a Caucasian female technician, preparing the patient for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Radiation Therapy

Precise and targeted radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells while minimizing damage to healthy tissues.
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Cancer Diagnosis

Accurate and timely cancer diagnosis using advanced medical imaging and diagnostic techniques.
Bronchoscopy. Two Caucasian physicians using a bronchoscope which is a flexible tube with a light inside and is inserted into the patient's trachea. Doctors can view inside the body through the tube allowing easier access to removal of tumors.

Surgical Oncology

Comprehensive surgical treatment options for various types of cancer, ensuring the best possible outcomes.
Breast Self-Exam. A rear view of an African American woman performing a breast self-examination (BSE) and is dressed in a towel framed against a brown-gold background.


Personalized chemotherapy treatment plans tailored to the specific type and stage of cancer.
DNA Genotyping and Sequencing. Technician prepares for a viral whole-genome sequencing experiment at the Cancer Genomics Research Laboratory, part of the National Cancer Institute's Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (DCEG).

Clinical Trials

Opportunities to participate in cutting-edge clinical trials and access innovative treatments for cancer.
Doctors performing surgery.


Supportive care to improve the quality of life for patients with cancer, focusing on pain and symptom management.

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