teardrop shape amethyst stone

Discover Exquisite Gemstones at Ketumati

Explore our collection of precious and semi-precious stones sourced from Morathota, Opanayake, Sri Lanka.

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Stone Polishing and Finishing

Enhance the beauty of your stones with our professional polishing and finishing services.

A stack of ribbons, and some others on a purple background;  Plain colors and floral a pattern, great for crafting, sewing, etc. 
Cintas estivadas, y otras sueltas, de diversos materiales, apropiados para manualidades y costura. Colores enteros y también floreada.

Lapidary Workshops

Join our workshops to learn the art of working with precious stones.

Various size beach pebbles

Precious Stones Sales

Explore our collection of exquisite precious stones sourced directly from our mine in Morathota.

Unearth the beauty within.

Discover your perfect gemstone today!


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