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Discover a wide selection of exclusive AZERTY French keycaps at Keycap.fr. Enhance your typing experience with our carefully selected sets that offer exceptional tactile sensation and durability. Find the perfect keycaps that match your personality and style.

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Mechanical Keyboard with GMK Keycaps

Variety of Styles for Personalization

Choose from a wide range of styles, from classic to artistic designs, to find the perfect keycaps that match your personality and elevate your keyboard's look.
white and green computer keyboard

Universal Compatibility with Popular Mechanical Keyboards

Our keycaps are designed to be compatible with various popular mechanical keyboards, ensuring a seamless fit and enhanced functionality.
Keychron K2 Red Switch

Aesthetics, Durability, and Tactile Sensation

Each set of keycaps is carefully selected for their aesthetics, durability, and exceptional tactile sensation, ensuring a premium typing experience.

Type with precision. Unleash your creativity.

Upgrade your typing experience with our mechanical keyboards!


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